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We specialize in connecting talented professionals with a diverse
range of industries, ensuring a seamless match between employers and candidates.

We specialize in connecting talented professionals with a diverse range of industries, ensuring a seamless match between employers and candidates.

  • Verticals We Cater To

Manufacturing & Automobile Industry

In the dynamic field of manufacturing and engineering, innovation meets precision. We specialize in connecting skilled professionals with cutting-edge roles, driving advancements in production processes, technology, and infrastructure.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Building Materials & Construction Industry

Connect with top talent for projects in construction, materials, and infrastructure. Build your team with skilled professionals driving excellence in the industry.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Real Estate

Elevate your real estate ventures by hiring exceptional talent. Source individuals skilled in property management, sales, marketing, and development.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies


In the diverse landscape of industries, we specialize in talent acquisition, connecting skilled individuals with opportunities across sectors. Our focus is on fostering mutually beneficial relationships that drive success and innovation in the ever-evolving world of business.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Engineering & HVAC Design Industry

Engineer success with our top-notch candidates. Find skilled professionals in engineering and HVAC design to enhance your projects and propel your company forward.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

FMCG & Acquaculture Industry

In the fast-paced FMCG (Fast-Moving Consumer Goods) sector, we excel in recruiting professionals who fuel the efficient production and distribution of everyday products, ensuring they swiftly reach the hands of consumers worldwide. Our focus is on connecting talent that drives agility and growth in this dynamic industry.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies


Fuel your start-up's growth with innovative minds. Discover dynamic professionals ready to contribute their skills and creativity to drive success in the start-up ecosystem.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Hospitality Industry

In the vibrant world of hospitality, we specialize in matching dedicated individuals with roles that elevate guest experiences, from hotels and restaurants to event management. Our focus is on connecting talent that brings warmth, professionalism, and a passion for service to the forefront of the hospitality industry.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies


In the impactful sector of NGOs (Non-Governmental Organizations), we specialize in connecting compassionate individuals with opportunities to drive positive social change. Our focus is on recruiting dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to address pressing global issues and make a meaningful impact on communities.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Furnishings & Decor Industry

In the realm of furnishings and decor, we specialize in connecting creative professionals with roles that shape spaces and enhance aesthetics. From interior designers to craftsmen, we facilitate partnerships that bring style and innovation to homes and commercial environments.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Media Agency & Event Management

In the dynamic landscape of media, we specialize in recruiting creative minds and strategic thinkers who shape narratives, deliver compelling content, and drive innovation across various platforms. From journalism to digital media, we connect talent that amplifies voices and influences the evolving landscape of communication.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Financial Services

In the intricate realm of financial services, we excel in connecting professionals with expertise in banking, investment, and financial management to drive success in a rapidly changing landscape. Our focus is on sourcing talent that navigates the complexities of the financial industry, ensuring clients achieve their goals with strategic insights and solutions.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies

Wellness & Fitness Industry

In the thriving realm of wellness and fitness, we specialize in linking passionate professionals with opportunities to promote health and vitality. From fitness trainers to nutrition experts, we connect individuals dedicated to fostering well-being and inspiring positive lifestyle changes.

26 Jobs in 10 Different Companies
  • Manufacturing & Automobile Industry

  • Building Materials & Construction Industry

  • Real Estate

  • Industry

  • Engineering & HVAC Design Industry

  • FMCG & Acquaculture Industry

  • Start-Up

  • Hospitality Industry

  • NGO

  • Furnishings & Decor Industry

  • Media Agency & Event Management

  • Financial Services

  • Wellness & Fitness Industry

  • Job Roles We Cater To

  • Technical

  • Non - Technical

Purchase Manager

Responsible for sourcing and acquiring materials and services, negotiating with suppliers, and ensuring cost-effectiveness while maintaining quality standards.

Quality Control Executives/Manager

Oversee and implement quality control processes, inspections, and testing procedures to ensure products or services meet industry standards and customer requirements.

Interior Designer

Design and plan interior spaces to create functional, aesthetically pleasing environments. Collaborate with clients to understand their needs and preferences.

Site Engineer – Civil And Mechanical

Manage on-site construction activities, coordinate with contractors, and ensure that projects are completed within specifications and on schedule.

Project Coordinator(civil & Mechanical)

Facilitate project communication, coordinate tasks among team members, monitor project timelines, and ensure successful project delivery.

Design and Estimation Engineer

Develop project designs, create cost estimates, and assist in the planning and execution of engineering projects.

Sr. Maintenance & Production Executive

Oversee maintenance activities, troubleshoot production issues, and implement strategies to optimize production efficiency.

IT Manager

Manage the organization's IT infrastructure, including networks, systems, and software. Ensure data security and provide technical support to staff.

Site Project Engineer(civil & Mechanical)

Lead engineering projects on-site, ensuring adherence to design specifications, safety standards, and project timelines.

Technical Manager

Provide technical leadership, oversee engineering teams, and contribute to the development and implementation of technical strategies.

Plant / Factory Manager

Manage overall plant or factory operations, ensuring production targets are met, and overseeing quality control and safety measures.

Utility Manager

Supervise utility operations, including power, water, and waste management, to ensure efficient and sustainable use of resources.

  • Purchase Manager

  • Quality Control Executives/Manager

  • Interior Designer

  • Site Engineer – Civil And Mechanical

  • Project Coordinator(civil & Mechanical)

  • Design and Estimation Engineer

  • Sr. Maintenance & Production Executive

  • IT Manager

  • Site Project Engineer(civil & Mechanical)

  • Technical Manager

  • Plant / Factory Manager

  • Utility Manager

Marketing and Branding

Craft compelling campaigns, enhance brand visibility, and engage audiences. Drive marketing strategies and establish brand presence across diverse channels.

  • Brand Executive
  • Marketing Executive – Offline
  • Social Media Executive
  • Digital Marketing Executive & Manager

Sales (Extensive Worked & Closed)

Lead sales efforts with a proven track record. Close deals, build client relationships, and drive revenue growth through effective sales strategies.

  • Channel Sales/ Dealer & Distributor/ Retails
  • B2B / Corporate Sales
  • Modern Trade Sales
  • Sales Coordinator & Support
  • Showroom Manager/ Centre Manager

Supply Chain and Logistics

Optimize end-to-end supply chain operations. Coordinate logistics, manage inventory, and ensure seamless distribution for efficient and effective business processes.

  • Plant Level Logistics Executive & Warehouse
  • Manager / Regional Logistics At Corporate Office
  • Exim- Export Import Executive
  • Store Executive

HR / Admin / Secretary

Manage human resources, foster positive workplace relations, and provide administrative support. Ensure smooth operations with efficient secretarial and administrative functions.

  • HR Executive Till Head Level
  • Ir- Industrial Relations – Labour Welfare
  • Training Coordinator
  • Secretary / Ea To Director
  • Admin At All Level
  • Receptionist Very Few For Ongoing

Accounts and Finance

Handle financial transactions, ensure compliance, and provide strategic financial guidance. Manage accounting functions, financial reporting, and contribute to corporate financial goals.

  • Accounts Executive
  • CA
  • Corporate Strategy – Fund Raising
  • Commercial & Accounts Head

Cafe Manager ( Asst to Manager)

Elevate guest experiences through exceptional service. Manage operations, coordinate events, and uphold high standards in the dynamic and diverse field of hospitality.

  • Sous Chef (Jr and Sr)
  • Pastry chef
  • Marketing and Branding

  • Sales (Extensive Worked & Closed)

  • Supply Chain and Logistics

  • HR/Admin/Secretary

  • Accounts and Finance

  • Cafe Manager( Asst to Manager)